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This bar won Silver at the Academy of Chocolate in 2009. Domori is a company based in None, Italy and is devoted to fighting the destruction of premium varieties of cocoa and the rainforest. On their plantation in Venezuela, they grow Criollo beans, which are generally believed to be the highest quality of cocoa beans. Domori was awarded the Palme d’Or at the 2011 Salon du Chocolat in Bologna and is the only Italian company to have won the Best Chocolate Award in the single-origin dark chocolate category every year since 2003.


This is one of my favourite bars, even though it is not quite as salty as I would like it to be. The chocolate bar is flat, has a good snap and melts incredibly smoothly. It is supposed to have a hint of banana and citrus fruits, but I experienced rather a milky caramel with just hints of salt. I would say that this is one of the milk chocolates that immediately makes you understand the difference between a regular Milka or Cadbury bar and a high quality chocolate bar.


Ingredienti: Zucchero di canna, burro di cacao, latte intero in polvere, pasta di cacao, sale di Guérande (0,4%). Emulsionante: lecitina di soia. Cacao min. 45%.

Ingredients: Cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole powdered milk, cocoa mass, Guérande salt (0,4%). Emulsifier: soy lecithin. 45% min. cocoa

Zutaten: Rohrzucker, Kakaobutter, Vollmilchpulver, Kakaopaste, Guérande Salz (0,4%), Emulgator: Sojalecithin. Kakao mind. 45%


This bar is available at various online stores. I bought it in Berlin at Winterfeldt-Schokoladen, a shop in Schöneberg. They also have an online shop. Price approx. €3,50 (25g) to €5,90 (50g).

Images by Axel Lambrette

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