rose salt + lemon


Antidote Choco is a bean-to-bar maker based in Brooklyn founded by Red R. Thalhammer. Their chocolate is made with a 50/50 blend of raw & roasted Arriba Nacional cacao from Ecuador. The cacao is organic certified and they use very little whole (unrefined) cane sugar. Their chocolates are vegan and gluten free.


This is a 77% raw chocolate with rose salt + lemon.


It’s not my usual go-to-chocolate because of the high cocoa percentage, but I was still intrigued by the flavour combination. The bar has a strong snap, the colour is very dark, and the lemon and salt flakes are visible on one side of the bar. The melt is grainy, the lemon taste hits you first, followed by the salt. It’s quite intense, not very sweet, but not too bitter. As far as raw chocolate goes, this is quite interesting, even though I prefer milk chocolates.


Ingredients: 77% raw & roasted organic cacao. cacao beans, whole cane sugar, cacao butter, lemon, andes mountain rose salt, soy lecithin (0,5%, gmo-free) [certified organic] 2.3 oz bar

Zutaten: 77% roh und gerösteter Bio Kakao. Kakaobohnen, Voll-Rohrzucker, Kakaobutter, Anden-Bergsalz, Zitrone, Sojalecithin (0,5%, gentechnik frei) [biologisch kontrolliert] 65g

This bar is available at a few online shops. I bought it online from Schoko-Express. Price approx. €4,75.

Images by Axel Lambrette (thank you!!!)

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