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milk chocolate with caramel and fleur de sel


I actually wanted to start off with the salted chocolate that got me hooked but since I’ve eaten it all I have to wait for new supplies. In addition to finding and trying all salted chocolates I am also open to trying “related” ones, i.e. salted caramel and chocolates with salted nuts.

This bar is produced by Bovetti, an Italian chocolatier (the company is in France), who states on his website that all chocolates are made from top-grade raw materials, pure cocoa butter and without vegetable fat. Concerning fair trade issues, Valter Bovetti, together with some chocolatier friends, created an ethical trade association which sponsors cocoa plantations in São Tomé.bovetti


The chocolate which was visible through the window looked fatty and the caramel looked gluey. Not very appetising. Unfortunately this chocolate actually was as disappointing as it looked and reminded me of little more than standard Milka chocolate. It was very sweet and somewhat soulless. I didn’t taste even a hint of salt, but that might be just me, because I prefer a strong salty taste. The caramel pieces were sticky and chewy rather than smooth and buttery. Though this is not a chocolate I would buy again, my two friends who tried the chocolate with me, happily seized the bar and gobbled it up within minutes.



Ingredients:  minimum 38% cocoa (cocoa solids and cocoa butter, milk powder, sugar, vanilla), caramel aroma 7% (sugar, glucose syrup, milk powder, butter, salt, caramel colouring).

Zutaten: Kakao 38% mind. (Kakaomasse und Kakaobutter, Milchpulver, Zucker, natürliche Vanille) natürliches Karamellaroma 7%, (Zucker, Glukose, Milchpulver, Butter, Saltz, aroma, Farbstoff Karamell) (sic!)bovetti_3

This bar is available at various online shops. I bought it from Schoko Galerie, a small shop with a good selection of chocolates in Berlin. Price approx. €4,50.

Images by Axel Lambrette (thank you!!!)