the cake wing

Welcome to the cake wing!
I’m Tanja. A few years ago my friend Anja and I wanted to start a blog about the things we both love: baked goods and television shows. Time slipped away, Anja is busy working on her master’s thesis, but I finally got around to getting started. Maybe Anja – and some other friends – will join in at some point.

I was born and raised in Spain, moved to San Diego, CA when I was 11 and then to Germany. I spent a year in Norwalk, OH as a high school exchange student and I consider my host family to be my second family – if I mention my sisters, I’m referring to my American sisters. After graduating high school I went back to Germany and then (after graduating for the second time) back to Spain for a few years. I currently live in Berlin.

That might explain why I love Spanish, American and German food, but I mainly like to bake cookies, muffins, cupcakes, coffee cakes, bars, brownies etc. etc. even though procuring the right ingredients is sometimes a challenge. I have also recently developed an obsession with salted chocolate (and sweet&salty food in general) and I want to share my favourites with you.


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